Sacramento Sauvignon Blanc

Lodi & Sonoma Mountain Chardonnay
“Oro Bello”


Rogue Valley Pinot Noir

Sierra Foothills Red Blend

Sierra Foothills Cabernet Sauvignon

Sierra Foothills Zinfandel

About Omen Wines

Omen Wines is a family-run winemaking business founded in 2014 whose vineyard-to-bottle approach reflects a new generation of winemakers focusing on minimal intervention. The Bellis, Cybulskis, and Remy families have shared their passion for wine and their love of the vineyard with the world through their Omen brand. The Omen label embodies the spirit of the craft movement, seeking out hidden gem wine appellations throughout the West Coast. The result is a collection of bold, personality-driven wines that defy convention.